Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Women in Engineering and STEM Fields

Right now, only 18-20% of engineering students are women, and only 15% of the engineering workforce is complied of women. This is an improvement over the 1980's where just over 5% of women were engineers. But why is engineering still such a heavily male dominated field? Why have women been prevented in making major change in this boys club?

Some different Ideas are currently being explored including, but not limited to:
  • How Math attitudes from an early age associate Male with Math making it harder for women to associate themselves with Math and STEM: There is a disconnect with technology and the idea of women 
  • Lack of Role Models in Science=Lack of confidence in abilities
    • A self fulfilling prophecy: girls believe they can't be good at math, therefore they aren't 
  • The way people 'do/perform' gender. The way women feminize engineering by centering it around helping people, making it socially acceptable for them to participate
    • This prevents acceptance of women into more technical engineering fields, preventing advancements 
I am looking for more information about how society stereotypes prevent women from making the engineering choice: why is this choice so much harder for females?  

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