Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why Do We Lie?

Lies, Lies, Lies,
Liars Surround Us
They are all around,
Quite commonly found in
History, Hollywood, Politics, and Religion,
Liars aren't very rare,
yet it is rather unusual
to uncover their affairs.

In Hillary and her email disgrace,
A leader of this nation who lost some face,
because she decided not to play by the rules,
and now most consider her a fool.

But do we really?
She's running for office,
even though she's surrounded by so much gossip.
Some feminists praise the woman's drive
but what does Hillary feel the need to hide?

Would inspecting the emails clear the air?
Or make the people more aware
Of the dirty secrets she covering.
That would be an riveting discovery.

How can we rely on others' words?
When the truth can become very blurred.

Why do we feel the need to assume a hero's role?
And make everyone else have villain's goals?
Sometime's we try to protect the one's we love,
so we shove our morals up above
onto a shelf where our secrets lie,
biding their time before coming alive.

When your secrets come alive,
they tend to drive
your life down into a ditch
where everyone labels you as a bitch.


  1. I really enjoy the formate of this post, what a cool way to talk politics. I however don'y believe that Hilary is hiding behind lies of her emails, I would love to know more about what you think her motivations are!

    1. If Hillary had nothing to hide in her emails why would she have used a person email address for state/foreign affairs?