Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dump Trump

Why do I feel as if Trump for president started out as a joke but has suddenly become all to real? It's almost as if the country didn't think twice about the rich, racist business man but as his popularity in poles rises the threat of having this irrational man for president is becoming to close for comfort.

Let's look at Trump's Campaign Website:

Donald trump, "Make America Great Again!" On his campaign website it says we should, "Consider our selves lucky to have him on our side." It claims that Trump is not reliant on investors and this shows that we are veering away from the pretense that money doesn't buy office. This argument is such bull considering that he has a net worth of 4 BILLION dollars so yes he does have money to run for office. And maybe be doesn't have investors because no one is stupid enough to support him.

He also argues that his loud mouth with no filter is a positive thing because, "Do we wish to be led by an individual who does not speak from the heart but rather prefers to be advised on what to say and when to say it?" Now at face value this seems legitimate. However, lets imagine Trump as the face of American speaking to another world leader. Would we prefer our president to be advised on the culture and hope to respectfully speak, or would we want him to just say whatever he feels and potentially screw up American world relations? Let's translate his aggressive, arrogant nature in his campaign to real politics. A self-entitled, power seeking bimbo in the oval office. Is this the kind of message we want to send to everyone else? 

His website also claims he will look out for us 'little people' and actually protect the interests of the middle class. The website says, "Because nearly all politics are crony-capitalists, tucked into the pockets of Big Business executives who want to outsource your job to China." Trump IS the big business executives. He is the billionaire with tons of capital so how will he be able to look out for the middle class? 

His website is actually promoting how everyone else hates him and trying to spin it into a good thing. In one of the twenty reasons why you should vote for trump, they say you should vote for him just because there aren't any other options. This is like comparing voting for president to what you're going to eat for dinner. Oh, well I guess just because my old options are dirt, dirt, and dirt with sprinkles, I'll go with dirt with sprinkles.

Everything about Trump makes you want to pull his thinning hair out. You really want that to be the new face of America? We need to figure out how to stop this madness. Opinions? 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ronda Rowdy Rousey

"I swear to God If anyone calls me fat one more time in my life I'm going to kill them." Ronda Rousey told the New York Times. Rousey is filling a unique niche in Hollywood's industry: the intense need for female empowerment and fierceness while looking like your girl next door.
She was the first American Woman to win an Olympic medal in judo. But, she was disappointed coming home with bronze. After her shortcomings in Beijing, she turned to mixed-martial arts for a new challenge to push her and drive her to success. Currently, she is undefeated in mixed martial arts winning all twelve of her professional fights and is the first and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion.  

Outside of the ring, she's an actress. She played supporting actresses is movies and television such as Furious 7, The Expendable 3, and Entourage. She is staring in an upcoming movie "Mile 22" which she describes as mix between 8 Mile and Rocky. 

However, Rousey's current fight is against body image in Hollywood. She hopes to be a representative for body types often hidden in magazines and television. Once ashamed of her buff arms and ripped build, Rousey embraces her look and doesn't take rudeness from anybody. Rousey is an inspiration for all women and girls to embrace their inner fighters. She's a role model for people to look up to and know that you can be a women and kick ass in a normally male-dominated field. She motivats others to "contribute to the world, not consume from it." How do you feel about Rousey?

To read more about Rousey click here.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why Do We Lie?

Lies, Lies, Lies,
Liars Surround Us
They are all around,
Quite commonly found in
History, Hollywood, Politics, and Religion,
Liars aren't very rare,
yet it is rather unusual
to uncover their affairs.

In Hillary and her email disgrace,
A leader of this nation who lost some face,
because she decided not to play by the rules,
and now most consider her a fool.

But do we really?
She's running for office,
even though she's surrounded by so much gossip.
Some feminists praise the woman's drive
but what does Hillary feel the need to hide?

Would inspecting the emails clear the air?
Or make the people more aware
Of the dirty secrets she covering.
That would be an riveting discovery.

How can we rely on others' words?
When the truth can become very blurred.

Why do we feel the need to assume a hero's role?
And make everyone else have villain's goals?
Sometime's we try to protect the one's we love,
so we shove our morals up above
onto a shelf where our secrets lie,
biding their time before coming alive.

When your secrets come alive,
they tend to drive
your life down into a ditch
where everyone labels you as a bitch.